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News from A & J Stephen Builders Perth Scotland

Fife Life

Here at Stephen, we’re not all about building houses, but also about creating communities.

That’s an aim we have certainly fulfilled at our development near Dunfermline.

After all, if you are commuting to Edinburgh or elsewhere in the central belt, you have deliberately opted to live on the periphery of the ‘big city’ but that doesn’t mean you want to be isolated, or away from community life.  That objective also applies to those down-sizing, or wishing to grow their family here.

Our clients generally tell us that they want to be part of a community, however small, with their own privacy, peace and quiet, but with scope to make friendships (not just the children!), and enjoy the convenience and proximity of local shops, schools and parks.

At Carnock, just a couple of miles from Dunfermline, it’s all about community, so much so that a pair of new residents recently hosted a dinner in the local pub, the Carnock Inn, which most of the residents attended.

So what’s the secret to creating communities?

At ‘The Beeches’ in Carnock, where we are building 41 homes in total, we’ve got a brand new release of properties available for reservation, with the choice of the three bedroom ‘Glen Cannich’ or four bedroom ‘Glen Truim’, ‘Ben Athol’ or ‘Glen Bruar’.

The houses on Carneil Road, mainly bungalows, offer something quite different in comparison to those offered by the national companies building within the town of Dunfermline itself.  In addition to two, three and four bedroom bungalows, the firm is building three, four and five bedroom villas.

Margaret Simpson, the friendly on-site Sales Advisor commented, “There are now 26 properties occupied and eight houses of the current release left to sell.  Bungalows have been the most popular style to far, with many of our residents having down-sized, many due to their families having grown up and flown the nest.

“There are also a number of families with young children who were partly attracted by the local primary school but also the layout of the site and its appeal as a safe, close-knit community within a cul-de-sac development.  As we approach Spring, lots of visitors are driving or walking in for a look, and starting to visualise themselves joining the community, and what the village has to offer.”

Prices at Carnock are from £187,500 to £315,000, making most of the homes eligible for the ‘Help to Buy (Scotland) initiative’ which applies to both first-time buyers and existing homeowners purchasing a home of £200,000 or less from April 2017 onwards.

The show home is available to view from 1pm-5pm, Thursday to Monday.

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