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News from A & J Stephen Builders Perth Scotland

It's not all show!

Whatever type of home you are after, whatever your personal style, show homes generally generate a “wow!” on entry. And, if they don’t, there’s something wrong.

At Stephen, and Stephen Country Homes, we go out of our way to ensure that everyone enjoys their show home experience, and leaves with dreams of what might be, and what might lie ahead.

We work closely with Stirling-based interior designers ‘Envision’ to ensure that our show homes are not only stunning but inspirational. In fact, aspirational.

The Oakbank development will incorporate some of Stephen’s most popular house types – the Glen Cona, Glen Affric, Glen Aray and Glen Truim.

Right now, we have stylish show homes to showcase throughout Scotland, from Aberdeen in the north to Dunfermline in the south, and from Brechin in the east to Auchterarder in the west. Let’s say that we truly have the ‘best bits’ of Scotland covered.

But what’s the role of a show home, besides sparking that typical ‘wow!’ reaction?

Tom Buchanan, Marketing Manager, Stephen commented, “To us, a show home is there to sell the development and the homes but also to sell a lifestyle, to make people think outside the box when it comes to how the interior of the home could look. But we’re also acutely aware that people need to live practically in these homes and we have to make their interior work so our show homes are designed in a way that people can imagine how their own furniture might look within the property, to help them visualise where their favourite keepsakes might go, how to maximise the space, and so on.”

Of course, show homes and their prime location, often built on larger plots, routinely impress to such an extent that househunters want to buy them and move in with every single item included.

Here at Stephen, this is increasingly happening, often leaving our Sales staff temporary homeless in the process until such time as we build another, or adapt the interior of another existing view home!

So what’s it like to become the owner of a show home?

We spoke to Kathy Cameron, the proud owner of a simply beautiful home within Hutchison Drive, Scone, part of our hugely successful Balgarvie development.

Kathy, and her husband Alastair, moved into the property almost four years ago and, to Kathy, it really was love at first sight.

Kathy explained, “To me, when I walked in, my instinct was “wow!” It’s a cliché but I absolutely wanted this home.”

Having previously owned a successful guest house in Perth, the couple were leaving their previous home furnished, making the appeal of a furnished show home even stronger.

Kathy explained, “It was fantastic to have everything included, from the three-piece suite and tables to ornaments, mirrors, lights and cushions, not to mention the floor tiles, blinds and curtains. On a practical basis, we also saved a huge amount of money having to replace everything we had left behind. Some developers create show homes which are designed to impress and produce a stunning result but they let themselves down on the quality. However, with Stephen, everything was of the highest quality and of the very best taste. There was nothing to dislike or be turned off by. It was simply a beautiful, bright and light home, which was ready to move into in every sense.”

But surely, whether you buy a furnished show home or not, the stresses and strains of house-buying remain?

Not so, according to Kathy who added, “Everyone says that buying a home is one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do. Well, not with Stephen. Everyone was there for us and we really did enjoy the whole experience.”

Of course, it’s not just about the aesthetics. New builds also have the huge advantage of being well insulated, reducing energy bills as a result, a factor which also swayed the Camerons.

“Having come from an older and significantly larger property, we were accustomed to investing heavily in heating our home. But here, the house is so easy to insulate and keep cosy. We’ve noticed a huge difference in our bills and the houses really do retain their heat. Even in the Winter, we don’t have to put our heating on half as much as we did in our last home and, especially in the south-facing rooms, there’s no need to heat them at all.”

So, summing up, has the move to Balgarvie been a good one for the Camerons? The answer is a resounding “yes”.

“The thing with Stephen homes is that they sell themselves. The finish, the attention to detail, the way they deal with you when you choose to move forwards, it’s all of the highest order and quality. The development has grown significantly since we moved in but I always feel excited for any new movers when I see them arrive as I have no doubt that they’ll be as happy with their home as we are.”

For more information any of Stephen's developments development, including show home opening times, please contact our Sales office on (01738) 620721 or email sales@stephen.co.uk

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