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Help to move house - Stephen homes

Your Next Move

Buying a Stephen Home is much easier than you might imagine, just follow these three simple steps...

Firstly you need to take a Reservation on the home of  your choice, either at the showhome or at our head office in Perth. This reserves your house for 30 days and costs £1000. Our Solicitor will forward our ‘Offer to Sell’ to your solicitor who will complete the necessary papers and forward them to our solicitor.  

When we receive the completed missives, we will prepare the contract details in duplicate and send copies to you; one for your retention and one for your solicitor. The contract details contain information on the house specifications, the price and the date of entry. Provided the missives are received by our solicitor within the 30 day Reservation period, the £1000 Reservation fee will be deducted from the purchase price of your home.

Approximately two weeks before your entry date, we will send an invoice to your solicitor for the total sum due. The title deeds will then be prepared and will be handed over on entry, or as soon as possible thereafter. You can then move in and enjoy your new home!

We love our house and are gradually making it into a home

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